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It is quite a long time ago that i left israel just to dare my luck again in Germany, especially in Berlin.

Berlin is very great. Now in this grey november days... well... If you go through Berlin, prefairable by bike and you see some very pretty young woman, loughing all over their face abot something that you can not even guess, you can be sure that this kind of woman are from france.
Berlin can be a perfect place for everyday day-tripping, you can zap yourself with the help of the fanatastic public transport everywehre. To discover is there allways something.

I was lucky to meet very nice people during my first mounth. And it is not the case that I don't know Berlin. But things are changing, people are changing, we ourselves are changing all the time if we consider ourselves seriously.

So I found a low level but high challenging job in a quite nice restaurant. The national progress in germany occurs in the work sector, academicans are needed to clean water-closets...
When there is something offcource I offer my applications to companies, so far without success. But what can I do? I am worrying about the global capitalistic developement and the impact of the need to count everything, collecting money... It is hard for me that I can not find any sense in this economic behaviour. To me it seems just that there are some people full with minority complex that they have to be somebody, somebody expressed not by the good that he or she is doing to this planet, to people or to arts, no. it is more simple, just to be somebody who has more money than somebody else. This kind of people are ruling politics, science and media. This is the sad thing. O.k. everybody knows we are living in a post-humanistic (aka post-human) era but people are disabled by disabled minds.

There are a lot of cultural things going on in this town, most offers are quite entertaing but sometimes you can find theater plays, lectures, discussions, concerts, galleries...

In the moment I am busy to find my way. To find an order in thinking and acting of mine according to the order of what is going on around me. I could find many political disappointed persons but no one who is doing something. Berlin got a plenty of institutions but nothing like a free public radio. Ooh, ooh.

I hope you eat organic,
soon more.
4.11.06 15:53

4.11.06 16:14

So, i hit the airline again, this time for 11 days only, but it was quite worthwile, to pack all this silly things into a bag and go down again to the country that I am in love with. I could not say that the magic disappeared, I still could feel that Israel is a special country for me but somehow this time was like coming home. There was the limitation of allready knowing places and people, I tried that this knowledge will not have to much impact to my perception... and I don't think I did not succeed in that. There were some new aspects that I came in touch with. So what did I do? First of course I went to Kibbutz Gezer, to friends and to them, the cells that produce green gold.
The smell of an olive field, all this branches with all this silvershining leaves that reflect the sunlight so much, I took a very deep breath. This year the olives bear so much, and unfortunatly there were not enough volunteers. It was hard to see this miserable situation, many many olives but no one to pick them, Elan is doing things in NYC, Tom is busy with studiing, Eric, we never heard anything from him, and me caught in the hunt for a nice job in Berlin. But it is the best thing that somebody can do, standing in the sun, moving with all your arms and legs, olives are healthy for the skin as well, enjoying the silent breath of all this trees. I is different just to be there some hours or to be there some month. And me I was indifferent, in one hand I wanted to stay, in the other I felt this time this work will not bring me forward very much. And I missed my beloved desert, the stangeness of an experiment that has nothing comparabel on the whole planet, I just wanted to go to Neod Semadar, to see the joy of a special kind of living in the eyes of people that I somehow love. So I just went.
29.11.06 23:35


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